Neurotic and the pogoing robots

For three hot and sweaty nights in July 08, punk music and robots collided at the ICA in a series of exciting and evolving gigs called Neurotic. Neurotic highlights the neurology associated with the essential human experience of pleasure, learning, taste and ageing within the context of the instinct to dance.

Artist Fiddian Warman fronts 'Neurotic and the PVCs' when they play to an audience of humans and three 2-metre tall punk loving robotic versions of Fiddian's younger self. Each robot has the ability to pogo up to an imposing height of 2.3 metres. Controlling these robots is a Neural Network modeled on the neurology of the human brain and educated in punk music.

Neurotic and the PVCs (Punk Voice Choir) are punk guitarist Andrew Tweedie (Menace), drummer Chris Bashford (Chelsea) and bass player Rob Bartram (Chester) performing tracks written with the band especially for Neurotic. Each night Neurotic was supported by two punk bands from across the UK.

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In developing the robots and giving them their “musical taste” Fiddian worked with Andrew Tweedie (musical director) Jons Jones Morris (software), Professor Peter McOwan (computational biologist) of Queen Mary’s University and Dr. Barry Gibb (neurologist).

Neurotic is generously supported by the Wellcome Trust and is a new and inclusive way of exploring the worlds of robotic science and neurology. The robots’ instinct to pogo highlights the neurology of pleasure, learning, taste and ageing. Neurotic invites consideration of how taste is embodied in human neurons or Artificial Neural Networks.